Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interesting Bits of the Day

This will probably be what I do most often...list interesting (to me at least) stuff I found on the interwebs today.

I need to get me one of these...

This is the name of Seth Rogen's hockey team in Kevin Smith's new movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. However, if you dig Zombie movies you'll also know that most of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead was shot in the
Monroeville Mall. Monroeville is a suburb of Pittsburg, PA. So, the Zombies shirt works on a myriad of different levels.

Not terribly sure how I feel about Joaquin Phoenix announcing that he's quitting movies. I know how I feel about him quitting movies to pursue music...that makes me laugh. J. Phoenix has always been hit or miss for me....too much of a twirling his mustache villain in Gladiator, but excellent in Walk the Line.

I am sure how I feel about David Tennant leaving Dr Who, and I reckon it kinda sucks. However, I am kinda excited that Paterson Joseph may be getting the nod to play the Dr. Ever since he played Marquis de Carabas in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere I've really loved this guy...

It was reported today, by Paul Giamatti (Col. Tom Parker), that Ron Perlman and not Bruce Campbell will be play Elvis in the prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep...Bubba Nosferatu and the She Vampires. Since Perlman is in one of my three favourite new shows this season, Sons of Anarchy, I'm pretty jazzed about this.

BTW, the other two faves are Trueblood and Life on Mars. Trueblood is a retelling of sorts of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series. With Anna Paquin playing the lead character Sookie Stackhouse to a T. Plus, it hurts nothing that she's rather naked sometimes in the show, and that seems to make me terribly happy. Life on Mars is based off the 8 part BBC series of the same name. It follows Det. Sam Tyler, who starts the show in the present, getting hit by a car and waking up in 1973. Life on Mars dually refers to the David Bowie song of the same name which came out in 1973 and an adult of 2008 trying to deal with 1973. I actually like this version a bit better. That may be because of Harvey Keitel who plays, Lt. Gene Hunt on the American series. Although John Simm played Sam on the BBC version, and his portrayal of The Master on Dr Who was equally memorable.

*Bonus show I'm really digging the season and am too afraid to tell any of my contemporaries...hell to tell my 13 year old nephew...Gossip Girl. I can't defend it. It's Dangerous Liaisons with cell phones. Okay, maybe because it's mostly high school kids it's more Cruel Intentions...but I'm addicted to it.

In our current climate of elections I thought this pic needed a repost. With Elizabeth Dole talking about how her opponent in the North Carolina senatorial elections is taking money from "godless peoples." Please check out the brokers worshipping The Bull of Wall St.

reposted from Boing Boing.

To wrap up election news today, there was a little known debate which may have ramifications on all of us. Doom vs. Zod. With William Shatner and Corey Feldman asking the questions. Worth a click...kinda funny.

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