Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interesting Bits III

From the world of the interwebs today....

First off, let me send a big Thank You to the lovely Becca for designing my new title picture. If you haven't seen her pages, give 'em a look. Well worth your time.

Neil Gaiman finally talks about his upcoming 2 issue run Batman @ Newsarama. Is it too much to hope that this holds a candle to Alan Moore's Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Both Newsarama and IO9 have posted how Zombie movies are prevalent when Republicans are in office, but Vampire movies come out in force when the Dems are in charge.

I just thought this shirt kinda rocked. Chainsaw Bunny is available from Assault Shirts for $19.99.

If you dig animation then has a great deal going. The Disney/Pixar Ultimate edition has 14 discs for $109. The titles include : Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Cars, and Ratatouille. Aside from Cars and Ratatouille, all the movies come in two-disc special editions.

If you don't have HBO or haven't been watching Trueblood, the recap for this weeks episode can be found here at IO9. And yes, it did have the prerequisit naked woman in it.

Also, out this Wednesday:

A FULL Alex Ross book. Now, I don't care if you haven't been following the way too long JSA's "One Nation Under Gog," storyline. It's a FULL book by Alex Ross!!! No one, and I mean NO ONE does Superman like Alex Ross.

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much. This week I started reviewing books for I'll post here when any of my reviews go up. I just completed one on Kelley Armstrong's 9th book in the Women of the Otherworld series Living With the Dead that's not up yet. I do recommend it for fans of this genre. I'm in the midst of finishing up a review on Laurell K Hamilton's the 7th book in here Meredith Gentry series, Swallowing Darkness. Also, recommended.

That's all for now. On a final note, if you want to protest Prop Hate no matter where you live, please check out this site. Join the Impact.

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Really glad you liked the banner! If you ever need anything else feel free to ask!

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