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Apology/Interesting Bits VIII

Dear Blog,

I'm writing to tell you how sorry I am for ignoring you since the 24th of December. Things have been rather hectic on all fronts and it came down to what could I stop doing and keep my sanity. Unfortunately my darlin', that was you. I am back now though, and I'm glad you made it through New Year's without me. I'll try to do better.

Interesting Bits VIII

I hope that everyone had a great New Year's and still hasn't broken their resolutions. Would you believe the real reason I haven't written anything is because nothing interesting has happened since 12/24? No, didn't think so. Anyways, here we go....

Watchman Front

Several interesting developments on the status of Watchman. Apparently it will be released on March 6th as planned. Here's what Blog@Newsarama had to say. That's all fine and dandy and I'm glad I'm going to be able to see Watchman on the planned release date. However, I still agree with this guy over at who posted this before the settlement was released: Watchman Fan Cordially Invites Fox to Eat Several Dicks. Also, on Watchman front was this nice behind the scenes that Empire mag put out with the Minutemen, the precursor group to the Watchman in the comics, and Carla Gugino continues to look stunning in.

Ricardo Montalban

Yes, it was sad that he died on the 14th of January, but I did find this interesting at Boing Boing: How Many AAAAA's in Khaaaaaaaan? These are Google results depending on how many A's you wish to place in your search of Ricardo Montalban's most famous role.


Two comics of note were released on Wednesday, Final Crisis #6 and Amazing Spider-Man #583. Stop reading now if you don't want any SPOILERS! We all good now....good.

Final Crisis #6 came out in DC Comics latest attempt to alienate all fans. I don't even know where to start with the bad things about this book. First off, this book made little to no sense without Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3, Superman Beyond #2 and Final Crisis: Revelations #5. Have those books shipped yet? Nope. Plus, we all know how we got royally screwed in Batman: RIP when Dan (Wife? I Don't See Anybody's Wife Here) DiDio told us that RIP didn't actually end in Batman #681 like we were told, but in FC #6. Somewhere between Batman being blown to lil Bat-Chunks at the end of 681 Batman had the time to sneak off, find a new costume, get his God Killin' Gun with it's own God Killin' Bullett and smoke Darkseid. Check out what Topless Robot had to say about this. To make things a perfect clusterfuck, there were 3 pencillers on the issue. JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco and Doug Mahnke. 3 great tastes that do not taste great together, but we did get a great version of "Superman's Dead Body Pose" from Mahnke.
If you want to make sense of this series, I'd suggest going here: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution from Rokk Krinn (one of my favourite funny book reviewers on the interwebs) and here from Douglas Wolk (who sent me a terribly nice email offering to explain the parts that didn't make sense to me) Final Crisis Annotations Special thanks to Laura for the Final Crisis Annotations blog.

And then there was Amazing Spider-Man #583. Spider-Man at the Obama swearing in ceremony. This is only an add on to the book that's just 5 pages long. Has that stopped people from going nuts trying to get a copy? Nope. Marvel has already announced a 3rd print going to press. On my last check of Ebay bids for a 1st print there was one for $125 with 4 bids on it (Update! This book went for $210.55). At least this one is signed by Zeb Wells and Todd Nauck. $125 for a comic that came out on Wednesday for $3.99...Americans are so cool about what they spend their money on. We wonder why the rest of the world hates our guts...Oh yeah, and Erik Larsen is accusing Marvel of plagiarizing him with this story. Over at IO9

How To

Two very cool how to's caught my eye. Over at Boing Boing gadgets there was: How To a Tailfin Retro Media Centre and Make: TV website has a step by step to Make Your Old VCR Into a Cat Feeder:


Here's a montage of David Letterman's Great Moments in Presidential Speeches:

I will of course continue my countdown clock on the right until Tuesday (or whenever I remember to take it down), but I just keep repeating to myself, "January 20th the end of an error." Thank you, Dubya and please don't let the door hit you on the way out.


I can't leave you with his face as the last thing you see when reading this, something lovely and something funny. First up I give you Kitty Lea from Nuts Magazine doing Topless Wii video:

and something funny from Durex Condems with the funniest ad I've seen so far this year:

you can also check out "out takes" on the designers website.

On a personal note I wanted to thank everyone who reads this. The comments mean a lot to me.


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