Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interesting Bits IX or Beware Zombies in Austin

Well, since my knee went catty-wompus on me tonight I'm up and in pain. Thought I'd give it a whorl of trying to kick this out before I had too many thing stacked up.

Beware! Zombies Ahead!

An industrious hacker had a bit of fun in Austin Monday. They apparently reprogrammed construction signs near the University of Texas to read, "Caution! Zombies Ahead!” and “Nazi Zombies! Run!!!” Our Keep Austin Weird slogan never fails to live up to the hype. Don't believe me? Check it out.


Well, DC Comics Final Crisis came to a conclusion on Wednesday. I know, I know I kept complaining that it didn't make much sense, but since then I've reread: ALL of Jack Kirby's Fourth World stuff, Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers, Batman RIP and the entire Final Crisis miniseries. Well, now it all comes together for me. With only close to 150 comics before you read it, I am completely sure it will make perfect sense to you too. Either that or you could read Grant Morrison's exit interview with Blog@Newsarama. Where Morrison explains how Kirby's Fourth World was ripped off to make Star Wars and most especially that movie of movies He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I shit you not.

In other "scratching your head and saying WTF?" news. DC Comics also released the wrong picture to Previews ordering catalog. (The catalog comes out with "Previews" of what's going to be on the stands or in stores in three months time.) Thereby really fucking up their big summer cross-over Green Lantern:Blackest Night. Now the picture they were supposed to release should have been this:
For those of you not in the know, other Lanterns are now in the Universe. Red (Rage), (forthcoming) Orange, Yellow (Fear), Blue (Hope) Violet (Love) and also forthcoming Black (Death). Now, Black had yet to be unveiled. It had been leaked that the Black Lanterns were all going to be reanimated zombies (wow that is TWO Zombie things), but no one knew that identity of the first Black Lantern. Well, check out the picture that was actually published in Previews this month:
That's correct folks. Earth-2's Superman (Basically the archetype for all the heroes in the DC Universe. The one that came out in 1938) who died saving the Universe (all 52 of 'em) is going to be reanimated to be the first evil Black Lantern for Blackest Night. Sometimes I really think that the editors at DC just Twitter all day and don't really pay attention that much. The fanboys/girls at The Green Lantern Corps Forum were nonplussed to say the least.

While on the subject of GL. How big of a geek are you? Big enough to fashion a wooden replica of Hal Jordan's ring? You can if you go here.

News of the Weird

In a Belgian Creche (Daycare) an ass clown believing himself to be The Joker from The Dark Knight movie stabbed 21 infants and 6 daycare workers. Thankfully nine children escaped unharmed, well physically. "Belgian television said that witnesses described the attacker as looking like The Joker from the Batman films." The police also stated that when caught, Mr. Kim "Crazier Than a Shit House Rat" de Gelder would only answer them with Heath Ledger's lines from the movie. Please read The Telegraph and The Copycat Effect Blog for further details.

And yet again in the I Shit You Not category, a British man apparently killed his wife over her changing her Facebook status from married to single. Whole story at

Darwin completely forgot that some people's gene pool is shallow and full of piss.

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