Saturday, February 14, 2009

Watchmen-Tales of the Black Freighter apparently has some sort of deal going with Warner Bros because they're getting most of the Watchmen stuff first. Well, except the Empire Magazine stuff. Here's the story within the story of Watchmen, Tales of the Black Freighter which will include Hollis Mason's Under the Hood. It comes out for purchase on March 10th. I'm getting it just to see how good the animation is when he straps the dead bodies together for his raft.


wiec? said...

i'm looking forward to this too. it looks like it's from the Heavy Metal Movie from way back when. And it's smart thinking to keep it out of the movie and release it on dvd at the same time as the movie's release and not ignore it all together (which they could have very easily have done).

and the dead bodies raft. have to see that too:)

sunandheir said...

wiec?: Apparently, if Watchmen does really well, they're not going to wait for the DVD for the Director's cut, they'll release it this summer. It'll include about 25 more movie movie minutes plus, Tales interlaced in the movie the way it is in the funny books. Tres cool.